mcronin Jul 11, 2016 DevOps

I was lucky enough to attend and speak at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in London last week.

It was well attended by a good mix of people from #DevOpsHeros/Luminaries/Unicorns (Gene Kim, John Willis, Dan North, Patrick Debois amongst many others)

Large and small IT companies, (SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Atlassian and more) and members of various large distributed enterprises. It was also well attended by many banks and insurance companies (ING, Barclays, Zurich Insurance, Six Group, Ingenico ePayments, GFT, AIB) who all seem to have DevOps on their roadmap to enable success and transformation. It was also interesting to see how other organizations like Disney, Sky Betting, Thomas Cook, ITV and HMRC also address DevOps and what challenges they face.

There are 2 sessions in particular that I would like to mention (out of many great sessions). Ron Van Kemenade gave a KeyNote session on Nothing beats engineering talent....the agile transformation at ING bank. I found his session very informative and inspirational (what a combination!). ING started their journey in 2011, so it is very interesting to see a large enterprise further on the journey, the progress they made and the challenges they faced. A key part of the message was what matters most is people. This was repeated through other sessions too (for example Disney). Ron also gave very practical advice as well (every UI should be designed so the user can give feedback, design everything for feedback) and an interactive Agile quiz with the audience! When the #DOES16 release the sessions on youtube I will be re-watching his session and taking more notes!

There were excellent sessions from some of the big IT product players for example SAP (@dhague) and AWS (@HartDanger), HP and Accenture. Hart Rossman (from AWS) gave very practical advice on what security epics to include in your backlog to support DevSecOps:

This is incredibly useful for a large enterprise adopting DevSecOps to help engage the security groups and address the concerns they might have when adopting agile or DevOps.

Another take away for me was ChatOps. Essentially your DevOps team collaborates over their tool of choice (ie HipChat, Slack etc) but using ChatOps the VMs, containers, bots and tools also engage with the team. This enables automation for Ops and supports the creation of documentation and logging. Many tools, like HipChat and Slack, now provide ChatOps bots. I can really see how useful this simple idea is, not just for DevOps but agile initiatives (like Scrum) and creating serverless architectures and teams.

But perhaps most of useful of all from #DOES16 was the networking events and meeting with other DevOps enthusiasts and enterprises on similar journeys to ourselves. At the "Meet the Luminary" evening and over the breaks I got to talk to the guys from Barclays, Thomas Cook, ITV, HMRC, AIB on their challenges and realize that we all have many of the same questions. Many of us are exploring how we do correct portfolio management at an enterprise level with DevOps and how we correctly engage suppliers and offshore teams. We shared tips, lessons learnt and business cards! It was invaluable.

#DOES16 was an incredible practical event, with informative sessions, a good size and mix. I will definitely be showing up at DevOps Enterprise Summit June 2017!

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