Our goal is to enable large organisations to transform using best practices in enterprise architecture, portfolio management and engineering.

It is widely accepted that many large distributed organisations are on the brink of large transformation change.

Organisations are scrambling to be Agile, to adopt DevOps, to implement new engineering practices such as microservices and containers, as well as with bimodal aspect of their IT landscape. They are faced with data centre vs. cloud decisions, hybrid vs. on-premise vs. off-premise.

All these topics are important, however in isolation are not a solution.

Traditional business organisations are now becoming technology organisations.

Large global distributed organisations are trying to use solutions that were invented by technology product organisations. At EntArchs we believe Enterprise Architecture has a key role in enabling the correct kind of technology transformation.

Modern businesses require faster time to market, enabled by DevOps, shifting from project to product management and agile delivery. They are adopting more modular architectures to meet changing customer needs and scale dramatically (microservices, cloud).

With these skills mastered, EntArchs vision is to become leaders in transforming legacy enterprises into modern digital organisations capable of dealing with rapid customer behaviour change.

We help organisations act small but think big.

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Our Services

EntArchs is a consulting group providing best of class architectural services to our customers. Get our brochure here.

Cloud Architecture

The world is moving fast. Every application is reachable by millions of users globally. High scalability, 100% uptime, responsiveness, resilience, asynchronous messaging, microservices architecture are some of the requirements that are becoming a standard. Moving from 3-tier monolithic mindset to a new cloud-native mindset is shift that is not trivial to overcome. We need to deal with new concepts, new tools, new best practices and new design patterns. EntArchs is focusing on this new wave in architecture. We are happy to share our findings with you.


The DevOps philosophy : “You build it, You run it”
Whether you are undergoing a large monolithic to polyglot migration or simply adopting some modular components, EntArchs will help you distinguish the DevOps hype from the DevOps value. A correct approach to DevOps ensures end to end ownership of a service and enables small agile teams and services to be successful and evolve. The successful adoption of DevOps results in a survival of the fittest in your architectural landscape! Talk to us now to “Define Your DevOps”.

Solution Architecture

No matter what kind of application you intend to build, the proper solution architecture is the prerequisite to a project success. Documenting your solution architecture with UML diagrams (use case, requirements traceability matrix, class, activity, sequence and deployment diagrams) implifies communication between business and IT, between you and your on-premise/nearshore/offshore development team and enables full control and monitoring of the project's progress. Avoid common pitfalls, talk to EntArchs

Practical Enterprise Achitecture

Enterprise Architecture is the biggest mystery out there, partially because lots of people see it as a pure theoretical exercise. However, EA is a very practical discipline that can provide valuable insights to senior management about the enterprises they lead. From business & IT strategy, over EA Repositories, Governance and Roadmaps, to Dashboards and Metrics is what practical Enterprise Architecture should provide. Talk to EntArchs if you are taking on this journey.

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